I’ve just had an aha moment inspired by someone who said: “perhaps you could start a blog about this?” while talking about hunting for good internet and good places to work from, in Thailand, to start with. I’ve been working in the cloud so to say- from wherever I am with the help of Skype, Google Drive, DropBox, wifi+3G and of course PayPal, for 4 months and I’ve seen enough to know it’s possible and it’s happening. I’ve met people who do similar things I do for living and I know there is an ecosystem emerging. These kids dwell in co-working spaces and places, startup hubs, coffee places, libraries, parks, you name it- wherever there is good, fast internet, electric sockets, coffee and preferably aircon. You might be one of these kids or planning to be one- and I’m here to guide you to the wonderful life of working in the cloud.

I do believe that freelancing is the future and in a few years we’ll be working on projects, contract work and not be tied to desks. Some might freak out over this – are you saying I’ll have to hustle for gigs and not have my job for granted? Well, if you are freaking out over this, you might have a reason to.

If you’re easily replaceable by a cheaper and better freelancer- get your s* together and make sure you get hired by your own company as that same freelancer.

Sure it’s not for everyone- developers, journalists, marketers, teachers, architects are the more popular types around the co-working spaces, but there is room for you too.

So yea, i was lucky to score a job with a company and one particular person who gave me a playground and I got to build myself not only a job but also a virtual office. It was one of these scenarios where “you’re hired, now, let’s find you a job”. Later on I got to hire people like that, and I can say it works, this hiring for attitude rather than skills thing.

Sometimes I would work from home back at home. And then I thought, what does it matter if I’m at home on Skype 5km away from the office or thousands of km away in Thailand? Timezones- please, 4 hours are nothing. Costs- I’m not spending more than I normally would back home and I can say I get more for less. So, after working from random locations in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen.. I’m now in Asia.

Working from wherever I want, whenever I want. You would think I slack off and sleep all day. Nope, I happen to work even more than I would normally do at the office. How do I do this- my home is where I am, my office is where I am (of course I’m inseparable from my mac, iphone and internet and some other tools).

I thought everyone should try this, I mean make your dream job, don’t wait for it to arrive on a white horse served on silver platter! Make your bed and then sleep in it! Like a baby.

How?- Let me help you explore and find good places to work in the cloud.

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