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Coworking in Beijing: coffee around Sanlitun SOHO

After exploring the Gulou street in Beijing, I decided to change the scenery  and go work from Sanlitun. Unfortunately the legit coworking place Cafe O’Henry is not open for business at the moment so  had to find a quiet coffee place with wifi. I was lucky to find Cafe New York Sandwich, where I spent a productive day working from. Delicious coffee (RMB 12-18) and sandwiches (RMB 18-25) kept me satisfied as well as comfortable chairs, lots of light, plenty of electric sockets (these are luxury around here!) and great internet.

2013-06-06 15.32.49

Coworking in Bangkok: Work Buddy

WorkBuddy is located in the heart of the Sukhumvit’s business area. They claim to provide innovative infrastructure that freelancers, creative  professionals, entrepreneurs, and startups need to succeed in the 21st century knowledge economy. In an increasingly disconnected world, WorkBuddy creates a collaborative community that is revolutionizing the nature of work.

workbuddy1 workbuddy41

Have you been there? Any impressions?


RSU Tower , 571 Sukhumvit 31, 10th Floor, Klongton Nue, Wattana District, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Open: 9 AM – 6 PM (Monday-Friday)

Coworking in Bangkok: The ThirdPlace CLUB

Blogging live from the ThirdPlace on Thonglor 10 in Bangkok! Third place, not because it’s the third after Hubba and Launchpad, but because it’s their idea of the third space after home and workplace, an “informal public gathering place which enriches people’s lives”. They have a gallery, a wine bar with a rooftop terrace, a massage place on site and coworking CLUB is just another cool part of the The ThirdPlace.

So, my first impression- nice and cosy, there 12 people working and seems like there would fit another 10. That said, it’s not a massive place like Launchpad, but not as small as Kliquedesk or WorkBuddy.

The receptionist lady didn’t bother to say a word nor give a tour or ask what I may need- I suppose the guessed from my face what I needed and handed me a “one day pack” receipt with a wifi password one it, which cost me 150 baht (quite a bargain).

To get there, get off the BTS at Thong Lo and walk up the soi Thong Lo 10 blocks until you see the Brotzeit German & Bier Bar (!afterwork drinks right on).

All in all, great coworking place and I will be back!


137-137/1 Sukhumvit 63 (Thonglor 10)
North-Klongton, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Coworking in Bangkok: True Urban Park

True Urban Park at Siam Paragon has been my plan B- whenever it was a public holiday (and there were many) and the usual shared offices were shut.


-Location- easy to get to Siam BTS is the most central you can get

-Comfortable seats- you’ll find armchairs, sofas, chairs whatever makes you happy

-Loads of places to choose to eat at

-Good internet


-Siam Paragon- although it doesn’t cost to work there- you will end up spending more money than you would pay for a co-working spot

–Load of place to choose to eat at. none of which are street food

-Might be crowded with kids and loud

-Noisy- although OK music, but still no good for conference calls

-Dark and can get chilly (wow sounds like Helsinki in November)


Coworking in Bangkok: KliqueDesk

My tenure in KliqueDesk isn’t that extensive but after a few days there, I managed to form an opinion.


– Quiet and empty- at least the weeks following the opening.

-Internet was a bit off-  unstable for some time

-Clean (almost too clean- this one lady was cleaning and cleaning and there was no one to make it any less cleaner)

-Small- it is fit for say 20 people max to work there- which creates a somewhat intimate atmosphere


– Quiet and empty- at least the weeks following the opening

-Dark and no windows in the hotdesk area (that is compensated by a thick yellow paint job all over the place)

-A bit of a walk off Asok BTS and Sukhumvit MRT

-Not many street food stalls around

-Staff wasn’t very engaging



94 Soi Sukhumvit 23 (Prasarnmitr), Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey Nua, Watthana BKK 10110 TH

Minutes Walk from BTS – Asok Station,MRT – Sukhumvit Station   

Coworking in Bangkok: Launchpad

Launchpad – my stop #1 of working in the cloud in Bangkok. To be honest, it remains my favorite spot to work from.


– Spacious. Your choice of the desk- you can sit or stand (!) at a hotdesk, lounge on the couches, work in a private “booth”, sit outside in the sunshine, go upstairs, take a break in the pingpong/xbox room, whatever you like

– Ideal for small teams to set up an office with minimal investment

– Not crowded

– Friendly atmosphere. The staff- which are a few too many I would say, are super friendly and nice- they will make sure you meet at least a couple of other coworkers like yourself

-Location. Easy to find and get to from Surasak BTS, or walk if you live at Sathorn SaintView serviced apartment.

-Lots of places to eat at around

-Good internet

-Weekly events and meetups that you can attend for free

-Open 9:30am-8pm (or 24/7 for “residents”)


-Aircon might be too much and turn your toes blue if you are hesitant to be an asshole who complains about the temperature and turns it up

-Location. I guess it’s only good for those who live in Silom area

-On the pricier side- 200 baht (5€) a day

Some pics from my 2 months spent there:

2013-02-04 14.31.25

1.Hot desks

2013-02-05 11.08.25

2. Lounge area

2013-03-26 14.40.41

5. Chilling


Sethiwan Tower, a 6-minute walk from BTS Surasak.

139 Pan Road, Sethiwan Tower, Silom, Bangrak Bangkok 10330‎

Adventures of a girl working in the cloud

I’ve just had an aha moment inspired by someone who said: “perhaps you could start a blog about this?” while talking about hunting for good internet and good places to work from, in Thailand, to start with. I’ve been working in the cloud so to say- from wherever I am with the help of Skype, Google Drive, DropBox, wifi+3G and of course PayPal, for 4 months and I’ve seen enough to know it’s possible and it’s happening. I’ve met people who do similar things I do for living and I know there is an ecosystem emerging. These kids dwell in co-working spaces and places, startup hubs, coffee places, libraries, parks, you name it- wherever there is good, fast internet, electric sockets, coffee and preferably aircon. You might be one of these kids or planning to be one- and I’m here to guide you to the wonderful life of working in the cloud.

I do believe that freelancing is the future and in a few years we’ll be working on projects, contract work and not be tied to desks. Some might freak out over this – are you saying I’ll have to hustle for gigs and not have my job for granted? Well, if you are freaking out over this, you might have a reason to.

If you’re easily replaceable by a cheaper and better freelancer- get your s* together and make sure you get hired by your own company as that same freelancer.

Sure it’s not for everyone- developers, journalists, marketers, teachers, architects are the more popular types around the co-working spaces, but there is room for you too.

So yea, i was lucky to score a job with a company and one particular person who gave me a playground and I got to build myself not only a job but also a virtual office. It was one of these scenarios where “you’re hired, now, let’s find you a job”. Later on I got to hire people like that, and I can say it works, this hiring for attitude rather than skills thing.

Sometimes I would work from home back at home. And then I thought, what does it matter if I’m at home on Skype 5km away from the office or thousands of km away in Thailand? Timezones- please, 4 hours are nothing. Costs- I’m not spending more than I normally would back home and I can say I get more for less. So, after working from random locations in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen.. I’m now in Asia.

Working from wherever I want, whenever I want. You would think I slack off and sleep all day. Nope, I happen to work even more than I would normally do at the office. How do I do this- my home is where I am, my office is where I am (of course I’m inseparable from my mac, iphone and internet and some other tools).

I thought everyone should try this, I mean make your dream job, don’t wait for it to arrive on a white horse served on silver platter! Make your bed and then sleep in it! Like a baby.

How?- Let me help you explore and find good places to work in the cloud.