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(co)Working in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city up in the north of the country is really quite popular among self-made expats, tech-repreneurs,  retirees, dudes who like to ride motorbikes, practice muay thai and the like. It’s not surprising though, as the city is nice, convenient to get around and has all the perks Thailand has to offer- nice people, amazing food, rich culture, luscious nature and you won’t believe it- even spaces for you to get some work done.

So far there is one legit coworking space Punspace that I wrote a review about, but there are a few other places to choose from and move around.

Also just heard about a new place CoffeeShots where you can rent a desk from 100b a day.

People seem to like Impresso Espresso Bar. I’ve tried Wawee coffee, Pacamara, Good Morning Chiang Mai in the old town. Didn’t blow me away, but it was good for a day or a half.

This guy wrote about working in some coffee shops in Nimmanhaemin area:

This guy was more after the good coffee but it’s also good reviews of the coffee places:

If you’re planning to live and work in Chiang Mai, join “CM Biz group” on Facebook to be in the loop. Wondering where to live? This post will help to at least choose the area for your needs (and how to play Thai girls too by the way).

Do you have some other places you like working from in Chiang Mai? Sharing is caring!

Coworking in Chiang Mai: Punspace

Punspace is Chiang Mai’s first legit coworking space. They sell themselves as:

“Desk space in Chiang Mai with reliable Internet,  comfortable chairs, and quiet environment”.

And you get exactly that. The internet is great, but basic visitors (non-members) get to login only from one device, so that’s a not quite right. I mean, what do you care if I have my phone using your precious wifi too?

A day at Punspace will set you back 199B.


-Nice, cosy environment with lots of light, massive windows and a garden view

-Very comfortable chairs

-Quiet and the garden is perfect for conference calls

-Late opening hours. Members get 24h access, but if you’re a non-member you should technically get out at 6PM, again, technically. The last one out shuts the place down.

-Kitchen area and a shower on site


-Location- unless you live in Nimmanhaemin area, you’ll need a bike or motorbike to get there

-Price- not completely sure if I’m ok with the 200 baht I pay per day.

-A bit too quiet sometimes- from a COworking space I would expect a bit more interaction between the coworkers and the staff doesn’t seem to be bothered either

Pics from Punspace FB and my own:


14 Sirimangkalajarn Lane 11, Muang Chiang Mai (Map)