Coworking in Beijing: YuanFen Flow (798 art district)

After all this time working around Sanlitun and Gulou I finally made to the mysterious “far-away coworking spot in 798” which turns out has a name of YuanFen Flow. And it’s friggin awesome. You’ll have to see it for yourself, but imagine a combination of a contemporary art gallery, a loft, ex-ceramic insulator plant, someone’s house and of course a co-working space with hot desks, private offices and a cafe.

We were greeted by the chairman and curator- David Ben Kay who made us feel like at home, offered us some heavenly Vietnamese coffee and showed us around his creation- a 10 year’s worth of building, furnishing and decorating.

A day at this space will set you back 50RMB (including free flow of coffee!) or if you’re ready to commit for a month- 500RMB. There are some great deals for small teams to rent an office space too.

Despite the somewhat long commute (and too many temptations to ditch work and hangout in galleries and design shops), this place is truly a catch. I’ll be based here for now!




Yuanfen Flow

798 art district, Seven Stars East Street

(In between At Cafe and the Cave cafe)



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