Coworking in Shenzhen

I’ve now been in Shenzhen for over a month and I feel like I’ve explored what’s out there in regards to coworking spaces. I live in Shekou, which means traveling to Luohu or Futien for a day of work is a bit of a waste of my precious time. Nevertheless, I’ll try to review the coworking situation throughout the city.

As you may have noticed, I couldn’t quite populate this blog by reviewing strictly legit coworking spaces across Asia. Sometimes I end up at Starbucks or other cafes and it’s almost just as good.

Shenzhen being heavily hardware kind of place, hacker and maker spaces (e.g. are more common than plain old spots for digital nomads like me. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t kick me out of the hardware focused hacker space, so I should suck it up an go explore.

For now I’ve been working from:

1. Starbucks. Who can blame me? It’s the only place with affordable good coffee and OK internet. Although sometimes vpn is being blocked.

2. Emily’s at @ecool (Haichang street) and Emily’s at Nanhai Rose Garden on Wanghai & Gongyan South road.

The internet always delivers (whopping 14mbps download and disappointing 0.39mbps upload speed). There are plenty of power plugs, they even provide you an extension chord if needed.

Coffee is ok and sets you back no more than RMB22-30. There is also a myriad of options for lunch and dinner.

3. Beta cafe in Futien (Lianhuacun, blue line). I went there for the StartupGrind event and found out it’s a good place to work from and throw events at. Despite a bit of a trek to find it (it’s located in a flower market), it seems to be the closest thing to a coworking space.

Next, I’ll be checking out 3w Coffee Startup Cafe at the High Tech park.


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