Coworking in Beijing: MAAN Coffee, Waffle & Toast at Sanlitun

One day I’m biking to Sanlitun and I see this masive Maan Coffee place that has a terrace and just looks grand. Had to check it out!

It turns out it’s one of the coolest places I’ve found so far to work from in Beijing- and 10 mins from the house so.. score! Bonus- open 9am-2am.

Talking about score, RMB19 for a large coffee and delicious waffles on the menu (RMB25-60), lots of space (it’s huge), a terrace (smokers will aprreciate) and just a very fancy yet cool atmosphere. It was very nice and quiet in the morning, but around 4 the students tarted creeping in doing their schoolwork and making noise. I also had a Skype call to make and it was just too noisy and the internet was not good for that.

So I’ll definitely be back there, but will make sure sto stop working or leave somehwere else in the afternoon.


Hard to miss: Due West of Workers’ Stadium North Gate, Gongti Bei Lu, Sanlitun, Chaoyang district / 朝阳区工体北路工体北门西

maan maan

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