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Coworking in Shenzhen: 3W Coffee

I finally made it to 3W Coffee in Shenzhen this weekend to attend the Startup Grind event. Although off my beaten track, it was worth a go. 3W Coffee is absolutely the closest thing to a real co-working space in Shenzhen.
Good internet, plenty of space, super comfortable cushioned chairs, plenty of power plugs, affordable prices (coffee and meals starting RMB22) and no fees!
The also have an event space for about 150 seats, so it’s definitely a great spot for hosting an event or meetup in Shenzhen.
3wcoffee shenzhen
3wcoffee Shenzhen
Ground Floor, North entrance of Yuanxing Technology Building, No.1 Songpingshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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Coworking in Beijing: 3wcoffee at Haidian

After spending some time at tha Garage cafe, I ventured out to see what’s else around there, primarily because my VPN wasn’t working at the Garage cafe.

3wcoffee is a two floor coffee place next to Teamwork cafe, well equipped for work and co-work. Good wifi (router with VPN), electrical sockets by nearly every table, upstairs quiet area for meetings or calls. Coffee was good (RMB28) and it wasn’t too crowded.




1 Shanyuan St. (Caihefang Rd., At 1/F of Lifangting), Beijing 100080